Persiana Klappläden oder Fensterläden

Folding Shutters or Window Shutters

are very popular in southern countries as sun protection and for darkening bedrooms. The name in Spain for this is “Persiana”.

Holzfenster - Mallorca - Ibiza - Menorca

Persiana are made from a 2-fold glued solid wood frame with lamellar strips. In Germany and Poland also filling slats in different milled patterns are desired. The installation can be done by fixing it on the window frame or in the brickwork of the house. We use the durable coated fittings of the Italian manufacturer AGB.

Hauseingangstüren - Mallorca - Ibiza - Menorca
Holzfenster - Mallorca - Ibiza - Menorca
Holzfenster - Mallorca - Ibiza - Menorca

Window sills made of solid wood for interior use...

Fensterbank - Mallorca - Ibiza - Menorca

…should of course match the wood and the colour surface of the window. We offer a variety of milled edges in 30 mm and 42 mm thickness. Have a look at the pictures of the samples. If you like what you see, order the matching window sills for your new windows at the same time.

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