Transport Costs and Assembly

Transports to the island of Mallorca

are carried out by the German forwarding company Benzinger. The costs are calculated from the volume of the pallets to be transported. The transport on the island Mallorca is mostly carried out by local forwarding agencies. The costs are listed separately in the offers of HEBUNA.
The assembly

have been carried out by the Polish employees of Brand Estates S.L. for many years. They are trained in the factory of BMK Europe SA and are very familiar with the products. Assembly services are discussed with each customer in detail and carried out under the responsibility of HEBUNA Ventana Tecnologia S.L..

The installation of wooden windows and doors is of absolute importance and can only be carried out by reliable professionals. Patrick Brand, is the Managing Director of Brand Estates S.L. and knows the particularities of construction and installation services provided by the Spanish authorities. He is a reliable partner for HEBUNA.

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