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The choice is yours - four profiles in two profile thicknesses

LEXO 68 mm and GALUX 88 mm

each with 3 style variants

BMK Europe SA consistently uses the best components in the industry for the brand product URZEDOWSKI windows and doors made of precious wood.

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Please take a little time and have a look at the following list of the different possibilities to create a window in peace.

Jaw — The most popular conifer species for the production of wood joinery products is pine. It is durable, robust and easy to work with. Because of its availability and price, it is often chosen by consumers. It is a species with a high tolerance to environmental factors and temperature. It adapts perfectly to extreme climatic conditions and the high resin content makes it insensitive to moisture. Simple impregnation allows to obtain a natural-looking light yellow colour, or to treat it with dark colours, while maintaining the visibility of the wood grain.

Conclusion: For strong lovers of this type who appreciate high quality at an affordable price.

The average wood density : 450 kg / m3

MERANTI   —  The wood comes from deciduous trees of the Shorea genus, which grows mainly in Malaysia and Indonesia. There is the current trend in the production of our wood joinery. It comes in many varieties, including the most popular – a red (often mistaken for mahogany) and a white variety. Predominantly, white meranti is selected from a particular region in tropical Asia. It is called mahogany in the Philippines. It is resistant to moisture and achieves very good thermal insulation and acoustic values. This wood has great peculiarities that give it a unique character. It perfectly combines functionality and longevity with aesthetics and elegance. Due to its parameters and functional properties, it will always be the first choice in the production of interior and exterior doors and windows.

Conclusion: Meranti windows are the choice for those who demand a combination of exotic aesthetics, high quality and durability from their products. Always a good choice, at a good price-performance ratio.

The average wood density: 590kg / m3

Oak – This wood is a symbol of durability and combines elegance with high availability. It is appreciated as a precious species, with impressive firmness and qualities already in ancient times. The colours of the oak are intense brown, in a large number of hues. Under the influence of sunlight, it becomes slightly darker and the color gains depth. A great interest in this species results not only from the high durability, but also from the interesting structure. It does not deform and is not subject to biological corrosion. Even without impregnation, it is resistant to pests.
Conclusion: Oak is a tree for people with an ecological inclination who value a natural microclimate. It is the desire for aesthetics and good windows that can be enjoyed for many years. It is well suited for both traditional and modern integration.

The average wood density: 850 kg / m3

SAPELI  —  In Latin Sapele means spirituality, healing and growth. This exotic African wood, is appreciated especially for the beautiful structure of the wood. With the regular and simple fiber and color that are characteristic of mahogany, they give a very elegant character. And a little lemon scent brings the inner freshness. It is characterized by a noble brown-red color, which is characteristic of mahogany. Thresholds slightly orange abrasions give originality. A characteristic feature of the products of this tree are the high resistance of colored glaze coatings to external factors and mechanical damage.

Conclusion: It will delight customers to appreciate the original color and attractive wood grain. It is well suited for the manufacture of windows and doors with larger dimensions.

The average wood density : 670kg / m3

TEAK  —  The king of the monsoon forests . It is considered to be one of the noblest and most enduring wood species. The Asian wood is characterized by high durability and a waxy shimmer of light, which is created by its high content of natural oils and silicic acid. This makes it insensitive to dirt. It will particularly meet the requirements of changing weather conditions. If it is exposed to humidity or high temperatures, it will not lose its properties. It is characterized by a large variety of colors, from yellow to red to dark brown, often interrupted by single, black annual rings. The different colours and interesting arrangement of the annual rings gives the finished products an impressive appearance.

Conclusion: Teak windows are the ideal choice for people who value durability and functionality. And especially for the customers who are willing to pay for the attention to this extraordinary product with the special aesthetics.

The average wood density : 640-750kg / m3

IROKO —  The wood that is so pleasant to the eye has its origin in mystical and tropical Africa. The term Iroko means: a man who achieves success, who is independent, who fulfils, and who works hard on the ground. It is hardwood that feels slightly greasy, with a variety of colours. It is characterized by warm brown tones with the possibility of dominant colors in the range yellow-gray, gold-brown or olive-brown. Under the influence of environmental conditions, it can deepen its color. Due to the very good resistance to weathering and insects, windows and external doors can be made reliably from this wood. Resistance to water and pests can be achieved with natural protective oil.

Conclusion: Iroko wood is for those who want a combination of nobility and durability with rich colours.

The average wood density: 660kg / m3

AMERICAN WALNUT –  It grows only in North America. It is a noble, very hard and durable type of wood, resistant to damage and elastic. Large, artistic wood grain and original colors also impress with aesthetics. Its decorative properties must also be recognized because of the variety of colors. American walnut has a wide range of colors – from light to dark and beautiful chocolate brown. In addition, it creates a wavy fiber look that makes the wood attractive. Good technical parameters combined with unique aesthetic qualities make American walnut an extremely attractive raw material.

Conclusion: For lovers of both exclusive solutions and exotic wood species that demand something special for themselves.

The average wood density : 600 kg / m3

Window scantlings are used to make the profile for the window frame and the wing of windows and doors. To prevent the wood from warping, several solid woods (right and left sides) are glued together. BMK manufactures its own scantlings for the URZEDOWSKI brand. The quality of the wood can be observed in the company’s own production and the quality of the resulting products is in the company’s own hands. KeilzinkungThe top wood of the scantlings can be jointed with finger joints or consist of a continuous top wood. The product quality is not affected by finger-jointing on the wood surface. Only for optical reasons with light wood with a light glaze, the customer has to make a choice here. With duklen woods with a dark or also covering glaze the finger-jointing comes obligatorily to use. Since a price difference also exists in the finished product, whether with finger-jointing or not, the decision is now ultimately also a matter of price.

Glazing bars in the glass areas of windows and doors can contribute considerably to the design of the house view. They are used creatively or constructively.

Construction rungs – 56 mm and 80 mm
This is also necessary if different glasses or wood fillings are to be used in one element. Glass dividing rungs are also necessary if the Elemet is too big for a glass pane. This traditional type of glazing bar was originally used to enable the gasifier to transport the panes.

Sprossen AGOptic rungs – 26 mm
In addition to the glass dividing rungs, you also receive optical rungs, which are glued onto the glass pane, for design reasons. A rung bar is then inserted into the glass pane for this purpose. This prevents the rear side of the glazing bar from being seen on the second gas.

Sprossen SZ

Window-interspace rungs 8, 16, 26 and 45 mm

With this type of glazing bar, an aluminium glazing bar is installed between the glass pane. These are available in different colours and the rungs are installed directly by the galvanic producer. The glass pane has now from the outside and inside no mechanical attack surface and can therefore be cleaned normally.

Sprossen RA

Rung frame on top – 26 mm

These frames in the sash size can be opened for cleaning the glass panes. The frame is mounted on the outside of the window sash and thus has the optical effect when looking at the facade of the house. Bar frames can also be retrofitted to a window.

The reason – SIGMALIFE DS – Alkyd resin thick layer glaze for wooden windows and external doors.

very high transparency – good edge coverage – optimum UV protection and high UV absorption capability – increased long-term protection – water-repellent – water vapour permeable – available in a wide range of colours
The surface – SIGMALIFE DS Acrylic satin – Thick layer glaze for wooden windows and external doors. With hybrid technology, i.e. improved processing properties.

more attractive appearance – increased long-term protection – fast drying – environmentally friendly – good edge coverage – optimum UV protection and high UV absorption capacity with long-term protection – water-repellent – available in a wide range of colours.

The glaze to be used for a desired colour depends on the type of halter.

For our standard colours we have created samples for each type of wood. For a nominal fee of 20 € we will gladly send you these colour palettes.

Insulating glass is a very important component of windows and doors. We trust in a company with great competence, which is active all over Europe.
Saint Gobain Glas (SGG) also deserves your trust.
Follow the links and read more (in German)…

SGG Insulating glasses, with – 2-gang and 3-gang glass packages. Sound insulation- sun protection- ornamental glass and also nano coated self-cleaning glass, as well as laminated safety glass.  Laminated safety glass  and  ESG  Single-pane safety glass  as building and personal protection glass are available. In addition to the standard, all SGG glasses can be used. Our customers have also demanded painted glass and we have been able to fulfil every wish so far.

Standard Ornamet Glass:

GU fittings offer a wide range of options for opening windows and French doors. The consistent quality, the sophisticated security technology and the sophisticated engineering ring were the deciding factors for this hardware partner. All possible opening types are covered by G-U.
Windows: swing sashes, tilt sashes, turn/tilt sashes, swing sashes, reversible sashes
Doors: Swivel fittings, also opening outwards, swivel/tilt fittings, parallel sliding fittings, parallel slide/tilt fittings, lifting/sliding fittings, slide/folding door fittings.

Here you will shortly see sketches of all opening types

Visit the product website of the supplier of BMK Europe SA in the field of aluminium profiles.

Profil LEXO – Sashes and frames – Strength 68 mm

Profil GALUX – Sashes and frames – Strength 88 mm


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